Kiwa Inspection & Testing is an international environment- and asbestos laboratory established in Belgium in 1985. In our laboratory we analyze samples from all over the world. Kiwa Inspection & Testing is able to analyze materials within 24 hours throughout Europe. In addition to asbestos analysis, Kiwa Inspection & Testing is specialized in providing final inspections and releases after asbestos removals.

We test various samples on asbestos fibers:

  • materials / bulk
  • dust
  • air
  • water
  • soil

Asbestos samples

Every year more than 100.000 samples are analyzedin our main office in Rotterdam with state-of-the-art equipment. Analysis occurs according to the latest asbestos legislation and guidelines
In addition we have a fleet of more than 50 mobile laboratories at our disposal which perform air measurements, sampling and sample analysis on site.

Asbestos analysis and clearance

Everyone is entitled to a safe living and working environment. Kiwa Inspection & Testing strives to achieve this with its core business, asbestos analysis, clearance, with the highest possible level of safety. Kiwa Inspection & Testing provides daily for highly competent clearances after asbestos removal to ensure a safe living- and working environment.

Specialized asbestos analysts

Kiwa Inspection & Testing is a very competent player in the field of asbestos analysis and clearances. Our analysts and inspectors know all the ins and outs of asbestos, ceramic fibers and what the effects of hazardous fibres are. Kiwa Inspection & Testing has several independent asbestos laboratories at its disposal that are accredited according to accreditation standards and legislation.

Why choose Kiwa Inspection & Testing?

  • Specialized in asbestos research
  • Equipped with mobile laboratories
  • Professional courier service
  • Service oriented and fast delivery
  • Calamity service equipped with a mobile Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
  • Accredited according to the latest asbestos standards
  • Provides a unique tool: Work Planner (SC-530)

For more information, visit the Kiwa Inspection & Testing website.

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